Sussex 2025

Staff briefing pack - March 2017

In March 2017, our staff briefing reported on what we’d done so far:

  • October launch events with VC attended by 700 staff
  • Council, Senate and professoriate sessions
  • Online survey on values – completed by 300 staff and alumni
  • Eight workshops open to all staff on vision and values, plus one for alumni and one for student reps
  • Over 200 students surveyed separately on campus
  • Interactive activities day for students
  • Five additional workshops with senior managers/discipline specialists on framework: Research; Teaching & Learning; Engagement; Sustainable Operations; and Review 

We used ‘word cloud’ graphics to illustrate emerging thoughts.

word cloud showing emerging thoughts for 2025 strategy

We also reported on what we were doing in the discussing phase: the leadership team was reflecting on how to shape the new strategic framework, and Executive Group discussions were incorporating staff, student and alumni thinking.