Research and knowledge exchange

Centres of Excellence

Our Centres of Excellence help us drive progress for our planet and its people – and inspire us to see that a challenge is only impossible until it's done.

Centres of Excellence are a new catgory of research grouping and are defined as the University’s flagship pillars of research strength.  They will:

  • transcend disciplinary boundaries,
  • share a common vision with an overarching and clearly defined set of research objectives,
  • act as a hub for a critical mass of researchers and students, ensuring a dynamic, sustainable research base and an active knowledge sharing platform,
  • provide a collaborative and supportive environment that nurtures high quality, impactful research and knowledge exchange with international visibility,
  • increase the University’s national and international profile and reputation in distinct areas of research strength, as well as foment further research opportunities, and
  • be exemplars of best practice in creating and sustaining a positive and inclusive research culture and environment in which people can flourish.

 The University created 12 Centres of Excellence in July 2023.

Guidelines for Schools on the Purpose, Establishment and Governance of Centres of Excellence.


If you have any queries about the Centres of Excellence please contact Debbie Foy