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Find out how you can use your research to shape public policy, and how the Policy@Sussex network can support you.

About Policy@Sussex

The university's Policy@Sussex network helps researchers connect with policymakers and influencers to support evidence-informed policymaking. We aim to put Sussex research at the centre of policy debates, helping to solve the grand issues of our time. The network is made up of Professional Services staff from across the University.

Watch our introductory video to find out more.

Video transcript

[Screen shows the parliament buildings in Westminister. The other half of the screen reads: Policy@Sussex putting research at the centre of policy making]

Alex Waddington (strategy manager, Policy@Sussex): At Policy@Sussex, what we aim to do is put research, high quality research right at the heart of policymaking. We've seen what works and what doesn’t, and we're there to answer questions. So if you're an academic at Sussex, and you're doing really interesting, important research, and you're perhaps not engaging with policy yet, but it's something you want to do, then I'd recommend you come and have a conversation with us. We're a network of experts who spend a lot of time thinking about how we engage with external audiences. We've all got quite specific policy expertise. We scan the horizon for opportunities coming up, we've got contacts. So come and have a conversation with us.

We'll talk to you about what your aims might be, how much time you have, and we'll go from there. We'll think about tactics, and it won't necessarily be a quick process, it will need time from you, but potentially it could be start a really interesting journey. So please get in contact with us, and we look forward to talking to you.

[Screen reads: Email Follow us on X: @Policy_Sussex.]

Why engage with policymakers?

Engaging with policymaking can help translate your research into action and help to solve important societal issues.Policymakers and civil servants often rely on academic research to highlight problems and inform their decisions. As an expert, you can

  • provide verifiable information and evidence to support the policy process
  • explain complex issues
  • highlight problems with existing or proposed policies
  • provide evidence to help anticipate future challenges
  • assist in designing solutions

How we can help

The Policy@Sussex network can provide advice and support to help you:

  • identify opportunities for policy engagement
  • build policy engagement into your research project
  • identify and connect with relevant stakeholders
  • translate and adapt your research findings for policy-focused audiences
  • develop clear, focused policy recommendations
  • track your policy impact

Planning for policy impact

It’s never too early to consider the impact potential of your research. From the very start of a project, it makes sense to consider the following questions:

  • What problem is your research attempting to solve?
  • What is your end goal – for example, changing policy or raising awareness?
  • What is the policy context – is the issue topical now, are there any key events or parliamentary debates on the horizon?
  • How could your research shape policy within this context? Can you bring solutions?
  • Who are your main stakeholders – who are you trying to influence and who could your research benefit?
  • How can you work with intermediaries, such as third sector organisations or service providers, to advocate for you and influence decision-makers?

Policy engagement toolkit

Read our how-to guides to discover more about the policy engagement process.

Policy engagement opportunities

The regular Policy@Sussex engagement roundup email includes information about current policy engagement opportunities - for example, current inquiries and consultations seeking submissions of evidence.To sign up to the newsletter, please contact: You can also:

Policy briefings

See our archive of policy briefings.

Find out more

For more information about how we can support you, or to sign up to our sign up to receive updates on policy engagement opportunities, please get in touch with or contact the Policy@Sussex network members in your area of work:

You can also follow us on Twitter.