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Research culture

Enhancing our Research Culture is a core element of the University’s Research with Impact strategy.

Research Culture is a broad term that, according to the Royal Society definition, encompasses the behaviours, values, expectations, attitudes and norms of our research communities. Research Culture at Sussex is thriving, and our priority is to share and celebrate best practice and address gaps through institutional support and investment. 

Our work is governed by the Research Culture Steeering Group and delivered by teams across campus, which is coordinated by the Research Initiatives Team. Please contact Lorna Hards, Senior Research Culture Consultant, for more information at:

 The Research Culture Steering Group

The Research Culture Steering Group provides guidance and direction to the University’s Research with Impact Aims and has oversight of all activity under the Research Culture portfolio. The Steering Group supports the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Research and Enterprise in determining the use of external funding allocations awarded to the University to develop our Research Culture. 

The Steering Group represents academic and professional services expertise across the Research Culture agenda (collegiality and collaboration; career development; equality, diversity and inclusion; research recognition; open research; impact capability building; research integrity, etc.). 


Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor of Research (Chair)

Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor of Knowledge Exchange

Pro-Vice Chancellor for Global & Civic Engagement 

Director of Research and Enterprise

Head of Research Development and Initiatives

Dean of the Doctoral School

Chair of the Researcher Development Concordat Steering Group 

Assistant Director of HR (Culture, Equality and Inclusion)

Assistant Director of HR (Reward and Retention)

Associate Director of Technical Operations

Senior Research Culture Consultant  

Research Culture Action Plan

The Research Culture Steering Group is developing a Research Culture Action Plan, to be published in autumn 2023, which aims to drive the development of a positive Research Culture. Through consultation with the research community, the following priority themes are emerging:

  • Better Researcher Career Journeys
  • Open Research
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Kindness and Integrity

Enhancing Research Culture allocation

In September 2023, the University will receive its third year of funding from Research England.

The Enhancing Research Culture allocation can be used in any of the areas covered by the Research and Development People and Culture Strategy to pilot new initiatives, increase the scale of already-proven activities, and to enable supported activities to become sustainable. 

The Research Culture Steering Group will review applications in early September and will then make recommendations to the Pro-Vice Chancellor of Research and Enterprise. We will publish details of funded activities shortly. To discuss funding opportunities, please contact Lorna Hards at