Research and knowledge exchange

Research Development contacts by area of the University


Senior Research Development Manager Deborah McGuchan
Senior Research Development Manager Desiree Villahermosa Caballero
Research Development Managers by School:
Business School Ryan Giddings
Shelley Jenkins
School of Education and Social Work Clare Neil
School of Engineering and Informatics Nile Amos
School of Global Studies Clare Neil
School of Law, Politics and Sociology Bente Bjornholt
School of Life Sciences Ilona Bowyer
School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences Gisela Hafezparast
School of Media, Arts and Humanities Sarah Frisby-Osman
School of Psychology Yolanda Pena-Oliver
Brighton and Sussex Medical School Hazel Cowper
Research Development Support:
Assistant Research Development Co-ordinator Benjamin Botting
Research Development Officer Frankii Cosby
Research Development Officer Ian Sinclair