Student Systems and Records Office

Room booking

The Student Systems & Records Office makes bookings for General Teaching Space (GTS) during the academic year.

Procedures differ for students and external enquirers and for staff. During the summer vacation bookings are controlled by Conference Services.


Requests should be made via Online Room Bookings @ Sussex

ORBS will give an instant on screen confirmation and send an email to the user quoting a booking reference number and gives details of which dates are available for booking. If you require a room during vacation times these dates should be booked via the web facility exactly as term time rooms are booked.

For term time room bookings the system will only make term time dates available once the timetable has been published and close to the start of term to allow time for essential changes to be made. If you wish to make a booking for a date which is not yet available, we advise that the quickest way to get a room confirmed is to make a note of the date on which your required booking date becomes available to book, then submit your request on that date.

ORBS should not be used for booking termly courses for formal teaching. This information should be submitted via the Teaching Methods Screen on the Course Management System database (CMS) as part of the timetabling process.


In the present climate of pressure on General Teaching Space (GTS) it is vital that you cancel rooms that you no longer require.  To hold on to rooms that you no longer need is a waste of resources and deprives your colleagues of teaching space.  To cancel a room please fill out the email form.

NB: Regular audits of GTS space are conducted to check usage of booked rooms.


To request a room you should complete the online form.

Upon receipt of a properly completed form we require 7 (seven) days notice in order to process your request(s).

External Enquirers

For all enquiries please email ORBS should not be used by staff members to make bookings on behalf of external organisations. Please contact Conference Services to discuss options.