School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Sussex STFC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA)

Early stage project support from our block grant

The purpose of the block grant IAA funding is to support activities that encourage, enable and empower academics and their research groups to progress STFC research outcomes towards economic impact (commercialisation and social impact through cost savings). Projects are usually at early stages and intended to catalyse activity and exploration; larger funding schemes are available to take such projects to more advanced stages.

Generally, STFC researchers will need to be a PI on a project, but researchers from other funded areas in the School (EPSRC, Maths, EU) can also apply if they can link their work to STFC research.

We are open to any eligible application of funding but typically projects are

  • Proof of concept projects
  • Market assessment projects
  • Kick-start pilot projects with industry

The funding can be used for commercialisation training or even capital expenditure (though this must be match funded). Please note that the IAA can only support Directly Incurred Costs; Overheads must be supported by the School, although usually this is not a problem.

Please feel free to discuss any initial ideas you have with Emma Smith, Business Development Officer at:

The APPLICATION FORM for 2021 is here.  Please do not use the older forms.

More details of the scheme are given here: