School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

People and contacts


  Head of School

  Vanessa Styles E (Head of School)   E

PA to Head of School

Betty Ransford E  E 

Main school office (general enquiries)

Room 3A20
Pevensey 2 Building
University of Sussex
Brighton BN1 9QH

T 01273 873133


 Academic Officers

 Director of Teaching and Learning

 Iacopo Vivarelli E T 01273 678114

 Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange

 Andrea Banfi E T 01273 88983

 Director of Student Experience

 Simon Peeters E T 01273 678128

 Director of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

 Chris Byrnes E T 01273 873392

 Director of Doctoral Studies

 Miro Chlebik  E  T 01273 87446

 Director of Admissions & Recruitment

 Filippo Cagnetti E  T 01273 678128

 Head of Department of Mathematics

 Peter Giesl E 

 Head of Department of Physics & Astronomy

 Stephan Huber E T 01273 873114

Mathematics Senior Tutors:

Foundation Year Professor James Hirschfeld E (Pevensey 3 5C25)

BSc/MMath years 1-4 - Dr Kostas Koumatos E T 01273 877439 (Pevensey 2 5C12)

Physics & Astronomy Year Conveners:

Foundation Year - Dr Chris Byrnes E: T: 01273 873932 (Pevensey 3 4C6)

BSc/MPhys year 1 - Dr Lily Asquith E: T: 01273 873047 (Pevesey 2 4A14)

BSc/Mphys year 2 - Dr Fedja Orucevic E: T: 01273 876750 (Pevensey 2 5A4)

BSc/MPhys year 3 - Professor Fabrizio Salvatore E: T: 01273678749 (Pevensey 2 4A4)

MPhys year 4 - Professor Kathy Romer E. T: 01273 877478 (Pevensey 3 4C23)

School Administrative Management

Assistant Operations Management

Sophie Corton E T 01273 873204

Luke Murphy E T 01273 878557

School Technical and Administrative Supervisor

Cassandra Churchwell E T 01273 876606

 School Office - Teaching and Learning

Curriculum and Assessment Officer:

Chrystelle Nunan E  

Mathematics Course Co-ordinator:

Marta Ferreira E 

Physics & Astronomy Course Co-ordinator:

Holly Blackmore E 

Postgraduate Taught Masters Course Co-ordinator:

Tom Vidler E 


Clerical Assistant

School Office - Operations

Information Co-ordinator

Justine Charles E T 01273 877856

Outreach Co-ordinator

Sarah Pelling E T 01273 872947

Student Experience Co-ordinator

Amy Wilkins E T 01273 872724

School Office - Research Support

Research and Enterprise Co-ordinator

Emma Ransley E

Research Support Coordinator


Postgraduate Research Coordinator

Matthew McConkey E

Clerical Assistant 

Hannah Carlton E