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Most of our resits are for unseen exams.

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Senior Tutors

Mathematics Senior Tutors:

Foundation Year and BSc/MMath years 1-2 - Professor Peter Giesl  E T 01273877442 (Pevensey 3 5C1)

BSc/MMath years 3-4 - Professor James Hirschfeld E T 01273678080 (Pevensey 2 5A42a)

Physics & Astronomy Senior Tutors:

Foundation Year and BSc/MPhys year 1 - Professor Fabrizio Salvatore E T 01273678749 (Pevensey 2 4A4)

BSc/MPhys year 2-4 - Dr Iacopo Vivarelli E T 01273678114 (Pevensey 2 4A7)