School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

HEIF - Knowledge Exchange Funding

Funding to support business engagement and impact.

The University allocates typically £25,000 of funding to MPS, each year, for impact activities and business engagement. Any researcher in MPS is eligible to apply.

We have relative autonomy about how that money is spent so ideas are welcome. Examples of the type of past projects and activities are:

  • Encourage potential REF cases and industrial engagement
  • Application and market research projects
  • Visits to industry partners
  • Short technical feasibility studies
  • Enterprise training and events
  • Industrial engagement in data science through DISCUS
  • Marketing of innovation and KE projects

Please note that the HEIF funding covers only Directly Incurred Costs; Overheads must be supported by the School, although usually this is not a problem. This does mean that staff time on HEIF (and IAA projects) can be longer than you might expect. For example, a Grade 7 funded to work on a HEIF project for one month would need funding from HEIF of ~£3,700.

For enquiries on HEIF, please contact Ian Sillett, Innovation Partnerships fellow at:

To apply, complete this application form.(.docx file)

Applications can be made at any time.