School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Planning a Research event in MPS

Advice for planning a conference, workshop, meeting or summer school in MPS

If you are planning to host an event at Sussex, please note the following guidance,  links and finally a web form to help clarify your requirements. When you have completed the web form, the School Office will contact you for a discussion and to assist you in organising your event. Please note we cannot guarantee administrative support, and on occasion may need to hire in additional help such as PhD students, temporary staff etc. The charges for this will need to be funded by the event budget and are outlined in the content below.

Conference Services at UoS

The University business has facilities for hire:

Advertising and printing

All materials should adhere to the University Branding and Publication guidelines and an approved designer should be used to produce materials.

Collecting fees

Delegate fees will be collected via the University online shop, you can see examples here:

The shop can handle all aspects of registration, so please consider this prior to setting up a separate registration form.


Admin charges

We advise you include a request for funding for administrative support in your funding application. Here is a current list of costings to help you plan.

Brighton events

VisitBrighton offers a conference service and can negotiate block bookings in the city's hotels and conference facilities. They can also advise on the peak periods in the city when resources may be unavailable.

Poster displays

Please note the University does not hold a stock of poster boards, we advise these be hired by Hendry Exhibitions or similar.