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Choose your modules

At the start of the Autumn Term

It is very important that you select your option modules as soon as possible as these tend to fill up very quickly and may no longer be available. This is important as well because it would allows to enter your options into your timetable for you to see when and where modules take place. Please do not attend a different module without informing the School Office or you may be entered for the wrong examinations and assessments.

Find out more about your MSc course and option modules

Meet with your Course Convenors to talk about your MSc course and the range of Option modules available. You can also view full descriptions of all the modules on your MSc course can be found in the Course Directory.

You can also check when and where any particular option module takes place by looking at the Teaching Timetable

Choose your option modules and complete the Options form

To select your option modules you must complete the Options form below for your MSc course:

Once you have completed your Options Form you will need to get the signature and approval of your MSc course convenor and as also sign it yourself.

IMPORTANT: You must send by email your completed Options Form by the end of Week ONE of the Autum Term to the School Office - Note that note that the Department reserves the right to withdraw any of these modules.

To change modules

If you have already handed in a Options form and you want to change one or more of your modules, you must complete a new options form, get it signed by your MSc course convenor and email it to Please note that we cannot guarantee any module changes as these are subject to availability (i.e. number of students in the module) and timetable clashes.

No option module changes will be allowed after WEEK TWO of Autumn term.

To change your MSc course

If you decide the MSc course you have selected is unsuitable for you and you wish to change to another, visit this page as well as providing a new Module Options form for your intended new course.

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