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Information on studying for your Mathematics degree can be found on the All MPS Taught Students Canvas page.


Student Progress

Academic Advisors

If you are worried about your progress on your course, the first person to contact is your Academic Advisor.

Your Academic Advisor, whom you will meet in your first day or two at University, is one of the lecturing staff and your main source of academic and personal advice and you will normally keep the same academic advisor throughout your time at Sussex.

He or she will oversee your degree course, providing feedback each term from academic tutors, informal tests and university examinations about your academic progress, and may advise you on how to choose a career.

It should always be possible to contact them with the minimum of delay (e-mail is often the quickest way to get a response), and they can often provide access to other experts if unable to deal with your query or problem.

Keep your academic advisor fully informed about your extracurricular activities, so that (s)he can write a rounded reference for you for employment or admission to postgraduate modules.

During the first year you will be expected to see your Academic Advisor on a regular basis. This should be arranged with your academic advisor when you first meet together in Freshers' Week. From the second year onwards you should arrange to see him/her at least once a term, and preferably at the beginning and end of every term.

Senior Tutors

Transfers to MMath    

In order to transfer from a BSc to an MMath, please contact the Senior Tutor for Mathematics, Prof James Hirschfeld ( to discuss.

Student Centre

The Student Centre Advisors can assist you with a variety of matters that might be affecting your ability to progress.

Exceptional Circumstances Claims

If you believe that your late or non-submission of assessed work, or absence from a test/examination, is due to medical or other acceptable mitigating circumstances, you can submit an Exceptional Circumstances claim (EC)

This should be done as early as possible as you must start the claim with 7 days of the assessment deadline. 

Start the claim from your Sussex Direct pages by going to the "Study" tab and then "Exceptional circumstances".

Medical certificates or other relevant evidence must be obtained. Such certificates must be signed by a doctor, nurse or other professional person (self-certification will not be accepted).

The following common problems will not be accepted as an exceptional circumstance:

  • Transport delays, either to public or private transport.
  • Postal delays.
  • Failure of a third party, such as a typist or messenger, to complete tasks
  • Failure of computers, floppy disks, printers, photocopiers or binders.

Further guidance on Exceptional circumstance claims can be found on the Student Life Centre pages.

Dissertation Topics

All of the projects offered for for MSc dissertations, can be found on our Dissertation Topics page.


All of the resources and information on careers and job opportunities for mathematics students can be found on our Careers pages.


   MSc Course Handbooks

   MSc Mathematics Handbook 22-23 MSc Mathematics Course Handbook [PDF 159.75KB]

   MSc Corporate and Financial Risk Management Handbook 2023_24_MSc Corporate and Financial bank Management Handbook [PDF 784.70KB]

   MSc Financial Mathematics Handbook 2023_24_MSc Financial Mathematics Handbook [PDF 794.10KB]

   MSc Financial Data Analytics Handbook 2023_24 Financial Data Analytics Handbook [PDF 768.46KB]

   MSc Human and Social Data Science 22-23 MSc Human and Social Data Science Handbook [PDF 260.37KB]

   MSc Data Science Handbook MSc Data Science [PDF 78.42KB]

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