Department of Mathematics

Teaching methods, Assessments and Deadlines

Teaching Methods

Three Mathematics MSc courses are taught on a one-year full-time basis only, MSc Data Science is also available in part-time mode. The courses begin in September in the autumn term and finish at the beginning of September in the following year. Course modules are spread across the autumn and spring terms, and are assessed by written examinations, coursework, essays, report writing and presentations. Over the summer period students take on a major research project for their MSc Dissertations which they must hand in during the vacation period. Deadlines are published via Sussex Direct. Students not wishing to take the dissertation can finish early with a Postgraduate Diploma. For more information about this, you should speak to your MSc course convenor (please note that the MSc in Corporate and Financial Risk Management is not offered as a PG Diploma).

Assessments and Deadlines for Formal Submissions

Full details about the assessment and deadlines for each module are available in the Module Directory.

Generally, MSc exams take place at the end of each term. We encourage you to regularly check your study timetable in Sussex Direct and e-mails. The MSc Dissertation is handed in during the vacation period.

Please note you will have assessment deadlines. Each one of your core and option module assessments and deadlines for submission appears in your study timetable on the Sussex Direct web page.

It is your responsibility to be aware of these deadlines.

Submitting your work

You must submit your work to the School Office or via e-submission. Submission deadlines and the method of submission are listed on your Sussex Direct account. When you hand in your work to the School Office you will need to bring your Student ID card for the staff in the MPS School Office to record your submission.

The assessment of the MSc research project/dissertation includes a dissertation and, for some courses, an oral presentation.

It is important that deadlines are met; the University applies a system of penalties to assessments that are handed in late. For more details, please consult the Examinations and Assessment Regulations.