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Information for Doctoral Researchers in MPS.

The School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences welcomes all of our Doctoral Researchers.

We encourage both new and continuing students to take time to familarise yourself with the MPS Handbook for Doctoral Researchers, which is updated each year.

The information below should help to answer the most frequently asked questions amongst Doctoral Researchers.

Should you have any other questions not answered below, you should first contact Becky Foster  in the MPS School Office in Pevensey 2. You are also welcome to contact the Director of Doctoral Studies, Prof Sebastian Jaeger if you are a Physics and Astronomy doctoral researcher or the sub-director, Dr Vladislav Vysotskiy, if you are a Mathematics doctoral researcher. 

What are the training requirements for my PhD?

You should speak to your supervisor about your training requirement which depend upon whether you are a doctoral researcher in Mathematics or Physics and Astronomy

Can I undertake any extra paid work as part of my PhD?

You should check with your supervisor first, but if they agree there are opportunities to work in the department as a tutor once you have completed the required training course.

There are also opportunities to undertake work as part of our outreach programme, you should contact Dr Darren Baskill for more information about this

Does the department provide computers?

Speak to your supervisor in the first instance as there may be the opportunity to purchase a computer using your Research Training Support Grant (RTSG) if you are a funded student.

There is a list of standard equipment available for purchase via IT Services. Alternatively, non-standard equipement can also be ordered on request. 

Once you have decided on the equipment you need, contact Becky Foster to arrange the purchase.

Is there any support available to help me improve my English language skills?

The Sussex Centre for Language Studies offers free support to doctoral researchers whose first language is not English. 

How do I print, scan or photocopy?

Check the instructions for printing from the multi-function printers

If your printer credit runs out, contact Becky Foster and she will add more for you. 

How do I access the building during evenings or weekends?

Request a SALTO card which will allow you to access the building when the main doors are locked. You can also request access to labs and offices as required. 

How do I get funding for conferences, travel and training?

Funding for conferences, travel and training

How do I book travel for conferences and other events?

The University requires travel to be booked via Key Travel where possible. Contact them by emailing or calling 0845 1220102 witht the details of your trip to request a quote. This quote can then be sent to Becky Foster  who will arrange payment from your source of funding (normally your Research Training Support Grant (RTSG)). 

Sometimes it might be more cost effective to book directly through an airline or hotel. In this case, you must first request a quote from Key Travel to confirm that this is the case. 

You must apply for travel insurance and complete a Risk Assesment form for every trip which takes you away from the university overnight. Ask at the school office if you need help with this. 

How do I claim back expenses after a trip away from the University?

You should reclaim out of pocket expenses using the Unit 4 Finance system where possible.

Alternatively you can use a Student Expenses Claim Form 

Once completed, return this form to Becky Foster along with your reciepts for processing

How do I pay money back to the University if asked to do so?

To repay, call the Cashier’s office with your card details on +44 1273 877367 (International), or you can go in person to the Cashiers office in Sussex House (door to the right of the main entrance).

Please provide the cashiers with the account code ("subproject") that the money should be refunded to.

You can also refund by inter-bank transfer.  Ask the Cashiers or contact Richard Chambers in the School Office if you need help or information.

I am going away on a period of fieldwork or long term attachment (LTA) or a placement, what do I need to do?

There are several forms you must fill out before you leave, there are more details at the Going on Fieldwork or LTA pages

I am having some personal problems or am unwell and need to take some time off, what should I do? 

You can request a break from your PhD in periods of one month or more by completing the Intermission Request Form. This should be returned to Becky Foster along with any relevant evidence. 

Doing this will 'stop the clock' on your PhD so that you do not lose any time from your maximum period of registration. 

Speak to Becky if you have any further questions. 

You may also find it helpful to contact the Student Life Centre who can provide advice and support in a number of areas. 

Am I entitled to Annual, Maternity, Paternity or Adoption Leave?

Yes, further information can be found in the policy on annual leave and maternity, paternity and adoption arrangements

How do I change from full to part time studies, or vice versa?

You should speak to your supervisor in the first instance. If you decide to go ahead, you should complete the change of registration form and return it to Becky Foster. Your request will need to then be approved by the Director of Doctoral Studies. 

I have completed all of my research and am writing up my PhD, how do I change to pre-submission status?

After a minimum of three years (or five in the case of part-time students), you may apply to change to pre-submission status. This incurrs a much lower fee but means you are only entitled to minimal supervision and may no longer be eligible for a desk in the department. Pre-submission status will only be granted if you can demonstrate that you have completed your research and a produced a clear draft for your thesis. 

You should complete the form to apply for pre-submission status and return it to Becky Foster

How do I submit my thesis?

Refer to the Research Student Administration Office's webpage which details the submission and research exam process

You should ensure that you have completed the intention to submit form, ideally 2 months before your intended date of submission. This will enable preparations for your viva to take place.