Teaching Timetable

You can check your personal timetable on Sussex Direct. Go to the Study page and click on Study Timetable.

Note that you have a weekly timetable; your classes may be timetabled differently in each week, so please make sure you check each week carefully.

Search the timetable



You can search the timetable by entering any string of letters which may appear either in a course title or room booking name eg. 'Elizabethan', or by entering the course code. As the latter is not always used on the timetable, you may find it better to search by the course title.

Where possible, the first word of the course title has been kept intact as a whole word, with the exception of 'Introduction' which has been abbreviated to 'Intro'. Course titles that begin with the definite or indefinite articles ('the','a') generally start with the second word. It is best not to type in the complete title as this may restrict your search results.

If the booking is for an 'occasional' room booking, enter the surname of the person who made the booking. If you have any queries please E-mail roombookings@sussex.ac.uk, or telephone extension 3813.

Requests for re-timetabling work must be from someone acting properly on behalf of the Department as a whole, not, please, from individuals focusing only on 'their own' teaching, however well-meaning. Therefore, if you have any queries regarding the teaching timetable please consult your departmental timetabling contact.

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