School of Law, Politics and Sociology

Law Research Development Teams

The Sussex Law School has six Research Development Teams to support colleagues to attain the ‎highest possible quality in their individual, and collaborative, research across outputs, impact and ‎funding. All members of faculty are allocated to a team although faculty are encouraged to work across ‎teams where appropriate for a particular research project or issue. ‎

The six teams are:  

Research Development Teams have the following functions:

  • Provide research advice and support.
  • Meet (at least once a term) to discuss matters including research development, mentoring, impact, funding.
  • Encourage self-confidence and intellectual curiosity amongst colleagues.
  • Encourage ongoing discussion around our research and knowledge about what colleagues are doing.
  • Promote familiarization with REF criteria and REF developments.
  • Assist faculty to develop publications identified for submission to the REF, during the planning, research and writing process, to the highest possible quality. 
  • Offer support to faculty in their research generally and with publications not intended for the REF.
  • Read work in draft form (see the SLS document ‘Supporting Quality Publications: Work in Progress and Planned REF Publications’).
  • Foster research collaboration.
  • Develop leadership roles for junior colleagues.

The research development teams work with the existing Research Centres and research groups.