Human Resources

New HR and payroll system

New HR & Payroll System (ResourceLink Aurora)

University launches new HR and Payroll system

The University is launching the first phase of a new Human Resources and Payroll system this August.

The new system is called ResourceLink Aurora (RLA) and is used in more than 450 organisations, including many universities.

RLA replaces the old system, which had limited functionality and which was identified by the University’s auditors as a risk to the University.

Following many months of background preparatory work by Human Resources and Payroll, IT Services and the supplier, data was migrated from the old system in May.

During June and July, both old and new systems were run in parallel, to test the new system for accuracy.

The parallel running was successfully completed in July and therefore, from August, the payroll will be produced from the new system.


RLA has a self-service web portal for University staff called MyView.

MyView will be used for staff to view their payslips, which will no longer be provided in paper format. Staff will of course be able to print or save their online payslips should they choose. Full details of how to access online payslips will be provided in advance of 29 August.

Casual staff (staff on the Fees Payroll) will not have access to MyView and will therefore continue to receive paper payslips.

Next phase

The first phase of implementing the new system has focused on internal HR and payroll processes.

A second phase will be started once the new system has bedded in and will include a web recruitment module, training records, a facility for recording leave (e.g. holiday, maternity, research, etc.) and other functionality, including expanded use of MyView.

Full information and training on these new aspects will be provided at the appropriate time.

In the meantime, Human Resources has provided information online including answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) – and will also be providing information on how to access online payslips.