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Change of degree

Transfers at Sussex

Transferring to a different course

At specific times of year you may be able to transfer to a different course if you meet the entry requirements and there are places available. 

You will need to seek information from the School which offers the course you wish to take.

A Student Life Advisor can help you consider your reasons for wanting to transfer.

The transfer process

If you want to transfer please be aware that this is only possible during an open transfer window (usually in the first week or so of a term).

At this time you should go to the School Office for the course you wish to change to, they will advise on and administer the transfer process.

If you're an international student, see how changing your course might affect your visa.

Exemption from a year abroad

If you're happy on your course, but it includes a year abroad that you want exemption from, you should:

  • see your Year Abroad tutor and discuss what you need to do to request exemption
  • speak to the International and Study Abroad Office to see if exemption will affect your degree title.