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UK volunteering

Giving a small amount of your time is a great way to make a positive contribution and gain valuable work experience, build your confidence and develop your skills and experience

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Local volunteering

National volunteering

  • – online database of volunteering opportunities. Search by postcode to find vacancies in your area
  • Volunteering England: I want to Volunteer – find your nearest volunteer centre, major organisations that place volunteers, specialist areas and more
  • Vinspired – national volunteering opportunities for 16-25 year olds. Search for opportunities, find advice in your local area, earn v Awards

International students

You can volunteer without it affecting your visa and the hours you are permitted to work.

A volunteer doesn't have an employment contract or receive payment other than travel and subsistence expenses. You do not take the place of an employee and volunteering roles are usually with charities and voluntary or public sector organisations. 

However, if you are a voluntary worker with a contact of employment, set work hours and paid in goods and services instead of money, any hours spent doing work will count towards the permitted working hours of your visa. 

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