Stage 3

Plans for staff working from January 2021 onwards
Looking ahead to 2021, like other employers we are taking the opportunity provided by the Coronavirus pandemic to review how to manage and support people who work from home regularly, and whether and how to increase the range of options for flexible working. 
Over this summer, work is under way with key stakeholders to put in place a longer term, updated policy for flexible/home working from January 2021.
Proposals currently being discussed include the identification of three potential categories for roles: 

  • Staff in roles required 80%-100% of the time on campus, such as those involved in face-to-face teaching or working in public-facing services such as sports facilities and the Library
  • Staff in roles that will permit at least 50% work on campus and up to 50% working from home 
  • Staff roles identified as permanent homeworkers who can spend 80%-100% of their time working from home

These plans are still at the early stages of discussion and, should any changes be approved as part of a new policy, we will share full details with all staff.