Stage 1

Stage 1 - until the end of August

Summer Library services

During July and August a Click and Collect service for access to printed materials operated successfully in the Library. The Library continued to offer online access to resources and support.
Library users could also book a study space in the building using the Click and Study service.
Staff working on campus in July and August
Following the successful re-opening of research laboratories, certain staff came on to campus to carry out essential tasks such as exam boards, preparation of graduation certificates, housing allocation and Clearing activity. Wherever possible, any roles deemed essential to be performed on campus were filled by members of staff who were happy to volunteer to be on campus.

We discussed the implications of the plans with campus trade unions.

Plans for autumn 2020

A great deal of work has been done on the practicalities for a wider return to campus from September.
Preparations were made to make campus ready for the thousands of students who arrive on campus during Welcome Weekend (19-20 September).
Over the coming weeks, as the UK stabilises from the Covid-19 pandemic and an increasing number of lockdown restrictions are lifted, we will continue to re-open work and study spaces on campus - and of course we'll keep all measures under review in line with government advice.
It is important that all staff and students can work, study and live as safely as possible and that we support their health and wellbeing, so we have been working hard to put in place appropriate measures to help keep our community safe.
This is an evolving situation, and advice will continue to be updated. It is based on the changing government guidance, as well as University considerations, and we are taking staff and student views into account at all stages.
As this period has now ended please refer to Stage 2