Tips from managers in the University about returning to campus

Here are some suggestions from managers in the Library on working with staff on a planned return to campus:

  • Be honest with staff about what you do and don't know 
  • Balance reassurance with managing expectations
  • Take the time to listen to staff concerns about returning to campus, or continuing to work from home
  • Encourage staff to think about the opportunities of the 'new normal' of our working patterns, such as better work-life balance, less commuting for those who work from home, meeting our students for those who are on campus etc
  • Share proposals with staff and representatives and getting feedback at an early stage - promotes trust and goodwill 
  • Ensure that the team remains connected even when some are working on site and others at home
  • Be careful not to value one pattern of working over another - focus on the best way to deliver provision

And some suggestions from Life Sciences

It is important to distribute as much information as possible about the new way of working, and what staff can expect when coming into work. After so long at working from home, staff will understandably be feeling a myriad of things when returning; excitement, concern, trepidation, etc. It worked well to have an open forum where staff could ask questions or raise concerns prior to coming back. We did this by sharing the return plan prior to a zoom meeting where the manager went through the key points of the return and then opened the floor for questions. It was also key to ensure all staff were aware of their part in the return plans, what they can do to stay safe and how important it was to respect others in this time.