How will campus operate safely?

Returning to campus buildings

Professional Services teams have been putting extensive work into planning for a return to campus, which of course involves our physical spaces as well as our behaviours.  These plans have been centred around: 

  • Ensuring buildings and spaces are safe and ready to re-enter
  • Adjusting and communicating expectations around new behaviours that increase safety, security, teaching and wellness
  • Promoting the health and wellness of all students, staff and visitors
  • Creating and monitoring effective guidelines and adjustments to our campus
  • Adjusting spaces while balancing health, safety and financial implications

All campus buildings are now open, having completed all the necessary risk assessments.  

Health and safety guidance

If you are returning to campus during Stage Two, please make sure you have familiarised yourself with all the available health and safety guidance for staff.

Please download and use the NHS Covid-19 contact-tracing app. Some users of the app have reported receiving a message notification titled ‘Covid-19 exposure logging’.This FAQ from the NHS explains why, and what this means.   
Offices: If you are working in an office space, you should ensure you have read the Health & Safety guidance for working in office and low hazard spaces.  This includes guidance on determining the distance between colleagues in offices and use of other spaces.
Labs: If you are working in a laboratory, you should also read the relevant Health and Safety guidance.

Teaching:  Health and safety guidance is now available for teaching staff who are returning to campus.

Risk assessments:  As part of the phased re-opening of campus, guidance on risk assessments as well as assessments for the general use of teaching and office space are available to understand and view. Risk assessments have been reviewed by members of the University’s Health & Safety team.

These risk assessments are all available on the Health & Safety Covid-19 resources page (at the end of the accordion).

Ventilation: You can also access a detailed paper on the University’s ventilation surveys and checks.

Will the entrances be marked clearly on buildings with one-way systems as you approach the building? 

The Health and Safety team will endeavour to improve route marking well in advance of entry and exit points.

Can we have information on when School office screens will be fitted? 

Provision and set-up of screens is part of the building opening and preparations. SEF will provide and fix Perspex screens in accordance with risk assessments.  

How can I find more health and safety information? 

You can visit our Health and Safety pages where there is information about ventilation, face coverings and the Covid-19 symptoms or self isolation reporting form

How are we ensuring adequate ventilation in buildings?

The SEF team worked hard to ensure all campus spaces have adequate ventilation and provided assurance to the H&S team that ventilation in accessible areas meets the CIBSE standards. These measures include:

  • Checking all accessible spaces against existing H&S requirements to provide adequate supplies of fresh air
  • Air condition filter units have been changed and units have been set to bring in air from outside where possible 
  • Some windowless rooms (e.g. lecture theatres) have air-handling systems that provide ventilation which is not immediately apparent
  • Areas where this cannot be confirmed or that develop faults may be closed
  • An additional H&S control to ventilation is face coverings
What cleaning is being undertaken? 

Our Estates and Facilities staff are implementing an extensive and thorough cleaning and sterilisation programme across all areas on campus used by students and staff.  Our cleaning regime has been increased and focuses on contact points (e.g. door handles)

Anti-viral wipes will be available for students to wipe their desk before class. Wipes will also be available for teaching staff to wipe keyboards, lecterns and AV equipment at the start of each class.

What is planned for contact tracing? 

We are not establishing our own track and trace system. We are putting in measures to support the national NHS track and trace requirements and we encourage you to download and use the NHS Covid-19 contact-tracing app

The app will ask users to scan a barcode-like QR code at particular locations, so that they can be alerted if any location is subsequently linked to multiple infections. Universities are among a number of organisations that have been asked to support the app by displaying posters with QR codes. At Sussex, QR codes will be posted at various campus locations where people congregate, such as lecture theatres, the Library and cafes.

How can I found out more about health and safety?

Please visit our Health and Safety pages.