Students should store their files in Microsoft OneDrive.

Accessing your files

Guidance for Sussex staff

Staff should store all their files in Box and OneDrive:

  • For files that are used by your team, you should use Box. This is because Box folders can have several owners, so if somebody leaves your team you won't lose access to all the files that your team relies on.
    Box is the replacement for the G Drive.
  • For your own work files, use Microsoft OneDrive. You can still share folders or files with colleagues in order to collaborate, but you will be the only owner of your files.
    OneDrive is the replacement for the N drive.

Teams should move their shared files into a Box folder, and the owner of this folder should set up access for everyone in their team, including a second owner. If you need to access your G or T Drives, please see How to access your G or T drive from home.

Staff should move their own work files to OneDrive. To access your N Drive from home, please follow our Webdrive instructions below.

Only move files that you need - Don't move archived or obsolete files.


To access your N Drive, follow our instructions:


Box is available for staff only

1. Getting started

2. Uploading and downloading content

3. Box and Mircosoft Office products

4. Useful tips

5. Sharing, inviting and collaborating

Updated on 27 April 2021