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Access files N:Drive at home

Accessing your N Drive files from home

To access your files from your N drive, you will need to launch a program called WebDrive.

Running WebDrive

Webdrive can be run via the Software Hub service. Once you have logged into Software Hub, search for Webdrive and choose the Launch button.

Set up a connection

        1. Start Webdrive.
        2. Click the plus icon,
        3. Click SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). In the Connection Name field enter a suitable name, such as Home Directory.

SFTP Screenshot

       4. For the Server Address, Enter the Url/address
       5. In the Username field, enter ad_us\ and then your Sussex username (for example, ad_us\ano123).
Enter your Sussex password in the Password field. Click Save.
       6. Click the Cog icon on the SFTP connection you created and Click SFTP settings.
       7. In the default directory section, set this as /its/home/ then your username (for example its/home/abc123). Click the arrow back icon.

Once set up, to use WebDrive:

  1. Each time you login to your computer/laptop click WebDrive from the Start Menu.
  2. Click the Connect button on the connection listed.
  3. An Explorer window should open displaying your N: Drive.


Accessing your N drive and moving files to OneDrive.

You can upload your files to OneDrive. To help you get started, follow our guidance below.

How to install OneDrive

Working directly from your OneDrive folder


If you need any additional help, please contact the IT Service Desk for support 

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