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How do I Install Box Drive on my PC?

Box Drive enables you to work with all your files stored in Box right from your PC desktop.  This will mean that you can access your Box files from your Explorer menu. 

To install Box Drive on your own PC

To install Box Drive on your own Windows computer or Sussex laptop, please download and install Box Drive from the Box website.

To install Box Drive on your Sussex desktop PC

  1. Open Install Applications (also known as the Software Centre) on your PC.  You can find this by clicking on the Start Menu and searching for ‘install’
  2. Tick the box beside Box Drive and click the blue Install button in the bottom right.  You’ll see a progress window that will let you know when Box Drive has been installed.
  3. Run Box Drive for the first time by finding it in the Start Menu.

Box Drive Windows

  1. You will be asked to sign in: use your Sussex username followed by, and your usual Sussex password.

Box Login

  1. If you’re prompted to update Box Drive, follow this process.
  2. Box will now appear as an option in your File Explorer menu.

Box Drive Explorer

created on 2020-03-19 by Michele Saliman
last updated on 2021-12-08 by Alexander Butler