Human Resources

Tutor FAQs

Who do I contact if I haven't received my Tutor contract?

Please email HR will check to see if the School has given us your hours and that they have been approved. 

Can I start work with out having a right to work undertakn by HR?

If you are a new Doctoral Tutor or School you must not undertake any work or training without having a Right to Work check undertaken by Human Resources.

Please see the section below on the documentation you will need to provide as part of your Right to Work check.

What documents do I need to confirm my right to work?

If you are a UK or Irish national, prior to your scheduled Right to Work call please email a copy of your passport to HR will then arrange a Right to Work video call to complete your Right to Work check, and you will need to show your original passport during this call. If you do not have a passport you will need to email a copy of your full birth certificate and acceptable evidence of your National Insurance Number (e.g. P45/P60 or a National Insurance Card), and show these documents during the Right to Work call.

If you are not a UK/Irish National then you should be able to provide your Right to Work via the Online Right to Work checking service for migrants: This service is available for anyone with a Biometric Residence Permit, an eVisa or Settled/Pre Settled Status under the EU Settlement Scheme. You will be given a sharecode to provide to, and they will then schedule a video call with you to verify your identity.

If you cannot use this service and have other means to prove your Right to Work please email and advise what other documentation you can provide.

If I have a query regarding my contracted hours and the multipliers who do I speak to?

Please contact your School Tutor Coordinator, if you have a query regarding the allocation of your hours and multipliers.

Is there a limit to the number of hours I should be working?

If you are a School Tutor you cannot be contracted over 1 FTE.

Those on Student or Tier 4 Visas have limit on the number of hours they are able to work per week - this is normally 20 hours during term time and the limit will be stated on your BRP card or eVisa. If you exceed this limit you will be breaching the conditions of your Visa and could have your visa curtailed, be removed from the UK or be refused a future visa. The HR compliance team is obliged to tell UKVI if you breach your working conditions.

Please note, normal term dates do not apply if you are doing a PhD, and you are not allowed to exceed 20 hours of work per week (including during periods of 'authorised absence'). The exceptions to this rule are listed on the working whilst studying page .

What happens if i work additional hours on top of my contracted hours?

Once your contract has been issued, any additional hours will be added to the additional hour’s spreadsheet. This is managed by the School Coordinator and shared directly with Payroll.

I have a student visa can I have more then one contract?

If you have Student Visa/ Tier 4 Visa you can have more than one contract, as long as the total number of hours you are working/ paid do not exceed 20 hours per week. If you are concerned about this please contact the HR compliance team at

How do I find out what my salary is?

Your salary is stated on your contract of employment. The currently salary scales can be found here University pays scales. Please contact HR if you have further queries.

When is pay day and payroll cut-off this month?

Pay day is normally the last working day of the month, with the exception of Christmas. Monthly dates for salary payment and cut-off dates are posted on the Human Resources section of the Sussex website under the heading Payroll Documents and Forms .

Where can I view my payslip?

Payslips are all available via the MyView service portal

Am I entitlement to annual leave/ holiday pay?

Your holiday entitlement is calculated and paid to you at the end of your contract.

When am I due an increment?

The annual incremental date is 1 October, except staff appointed between 1 April and 30 September inclusive receive their first increment on 1 October of the following calendar year. Increments are granted automatically but may be postponed or withheld for a specified period for unsatisfactory work. 

I have completed my fundmental for teaching course, when do I receive an additional increment? 

To receive an additional increment you must have completed the fundmental for teaching course and turn your teaching experience into an Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA). In order to receive the increment, please send a copy of your AFHEA certificate to The increment will be awarded on the 1 October, following the receipt of your certificate.  

Further information can be found here Fundamentals of Teaching & Learning in Higher Education

Can I end my Tutor contract early?

You are committed to competing your full contracted hours however if your circumstances change and you are unable to fulfil your contract, please contact your school and convenor to discuss an arrangement for an early exit. Please be aware if you contract is ended early, you may have been overpaid and you will be required to repay this money.

I am leaving the University, what should I do?

Please email and your school to advise us of your leaving date. Please also enter your leaving information into MyView. Your P45 are issued via MyView and will be available on the first payday after your leaving date.

How is my pay calculated? 

Employees who are paid on Doctoral, Language or School Tutor contract will receive their salary in equal instalments. This means that they will be guaranteed a regular income during the course of the contract, however does mean that they will not be paid for specific hours in each month.

Please see the payment calculator on the Tutor Hub page to see your monthly payments before deductions of tax and national insurance.

Can I undertake further training and personal development courses through LearnUpon and is this paid?

Further personal development training is available through Organisational Development. Please be aware any additional training will only be paid if this is pre-approved by your school. 

Who do I contact if I am unable to attend a teaching session for any reason?

Please contact your convenor and your School Tutor Coordinator, if you are unable to attend a teaching session due to sickness or any other reason. If you are working for more than one convenor or School. Please contact both parties. 

I feel I'm being bullied or treated with a lack of respect as a Tutor, what can I do?

The Report + Support hub offers information on support options including an online reporting tool. You can report as a member of staff or as student, whichever feels most comfortable to you. 

Additionally, if you are on a Student or Tier 4 Visa (or any other Visa which comes with an hourly limit) and feel pressure to breach your hourly working restrictions, please contact the HR Compliance Team at (as well as using the Report + Support hub). Please ensure you do not breach your hours restriction even if you feel pressured to do so.