Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

LGBTQ+ Self-Assessment Team and Inclusion Action Plan

Our work on delivering LGBTQ+ equality and Inclusion is overseen by a self-assessment team (LGBTQ+ SAT).

The LGBTQ+ Self-Assessment Team (SAT) is responsible for defining the priorities and monitoring the progress of the University’s LGBTQ+ Inclusion Action Plan.

The LGBTQ+ Inclusion Action Plan involves steps that contribute to the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index. One of the aims of Inclusive Sussex is for the University of Sussex to be a top 100 employer within the Index by 2025.

The LGBTQ+ Inclusion Action Plan also includes the development of a Trans and Non-binary Inclusion Policy, work relating to academic study at Sussex, and actions based on the feedback from LGBTQ+ staff, including via our LGBTQ+ Staff Network and Trans and Non-binary Staff Network, and student representative groups.

The LGBTQ+ SAT meets every two months and is chaired by a member of the EDI Unit and an academic lead. The SAT is made up of staff and student representatives with a range of roles relating to policy and communications, EDI and LGBTQ+ representation.

If you, your team, school, or department would like to find out more about the LGBTQ+ Action Plan or to discuss LGBTQ+ Inclusion at Sussex, please email Lindsay Horler, EDI Consultant at L.horler@sussex.ac.uk.