Student Life Centre

Information for staff and tutors

Contact Methods:

Staff and students can contact us for help using

  • The enquiry form on our webpage
  • Telephone: 01273 876767 (10am-3pm)
  • Email:
  • In person Information Desk (11am-2pm) Bramber House, north end, ground floor


Student Referrals:

Staff can make referrals into the team via the above methods and choose the type of referral, based on the circumstances, from the below:

  1. Suggest to the student that they contact us directly and ask for our advice
  2. Provide us with the name and registration number of the student and ask us to reach out to them to offer them advice – please keep specific details of the student’s circumstances to a minimum
  3. Ask us to provide you with the details of relevant processes or services and advise the student of these directly
  4. Seek guidance about other resolution/escalation routes from responsible colleagues in your unit/School

Please note if there are immediate concerns for a student’s safety staff should escalate these to their line manager or the Director of Student Experience within the student's School who will follow University protocols to manage risk.


Available Services:

  • Virtual and in person Information Desk
  • Live Chat, Telephone and Email information
  • 30 minute 1 to 1 telephone, Zoom or in person Appointments with Advisors – these can last up to 30 minutes and are booked in advance and offered and arranged by Advisors where appropriate
  • Funding Support - Money and funding advice, emergency loans, Hardship funding and budgeting help (see our money pages)


Student Life Centre Bramber House

(North end) 9 am – 5 pm Mon- Fri

T: (01273) 876767


Student Funding Team

 The Student Funding Team administer sources of funding including: 

  • Hardship funds for students who encounter unexpected financial difficulties
  • Emergency short-term loans
  • The University’s bursaries
  • Financial aid for American citizens and eligible non-citizens

The Student Funding Team also act as a liaison between students and Student Finance England in some very complex funding cases.

The University’s has partnered with Blackbullion who are financial education specialists to offer their free online learning platform to help students with a range of financial subjects, including how to budget, deal with debt, entrepreneurship, how to avoid financial scams, enter competitions to win prizes and much more – more details can be found here.


Student Life Advisor School Links

Every School has a dedicated link with particular named Student Life Advisors who work closely with the Director of Student Experience. The Advisor will also work with the School Student Experience Team on issues arising from attendance monitoring and student progress, as well as follow up on any welfare concerns arising in the School.


Student Life Advisor Specialisms

The Student Life Advisors have training and experience working on a wide range of issues and also have individually developed specialisms to enrich the work of the team.

Specific issues we work with include:

  • Suicide prevention
  • Gender, sex and relationship diversity
  • Race and Culture
  • Mediation
  • Sexual and Domestic Violence
  • Doctoral research student issues
  • Student parents and carers