Student Life Centre

Personal concerns

There is no problem too big or too small for the Student Life Centre.
We can support you with little niggles or big worries.
When things feel like they are going wrong, often, the best thing to do is talk it through.

During your degree here at Sussex you can expect to be challenged academically; you might also experience challenging and unexpected events in your personal life. A lot can happen during the length of a degree course. If your personal life – including your family, your social life, your housing situation and your interpersonal relationships is impacting upon your studies, it is a good idea to come and talk things over with a Student Life Advisor.

You can be sure that a meeting at the Student Life Centre will be confidential and supportive, and that you will receive advice and guidance appropriate to your situation. Talking things over with someone who really listens to you can help you to find a new perspective on your situation, or help you to identify ways forward which you hadn't previously considered. Sometimes the experience of talking through what is going on for you and feeling understood can make things feel a little easier.

Student Life Advisors recognise that talking about personal concerns can feel like a risk, especially at first but speaking with someone who is professional and non-judgemental, in a safe and supportive environment, can make it feel a lot easier.

During the meeting, if it becomes clear that you would like some specialised advice or support, the Student Life Advisor you’re meeting with may refer you on to another service. We make referrals on campus and to services in Brighton and Hove. On campus, these services include:

  • The Health Centre, offering specialist primary care services targeted at the student population of Brighton and Hove.
  • University Counselling Services, offering a free and confidential service to all students. UCS is next door to the Health Centre at the residential end of the campus, opposite East Slope and can be found through the archway between the GP surgery and the Chemist.
  • The Chaplaincy and Meeting House, offering a friendly welcome to students of all faiths who would like quiet space for reflection.

If you are having difficulties with your academic work you may wish to meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss your progress. You can find their details on your Sussex Direct pages.