Student Life Centre

Information for students worried about other students

While you are a student there are likely to be times when you will see other students who are upset or vulnerable. Student life can be challenging at times so this is to be expected. It is a good idea to look out for one another.

There may also be instances when you feel genuinely worried about how a friend, classmate or flatmate is coping and it is important to know what you can do to ensure they get extra support.

At the Student Life Centre we are here to help all students.

Crisis and Welfare Concerns

If you ever feel concerned for a student, be it that they are having a crisis, behaving oddly or have become withdrawn from the world, the Student Life Centre can follow up on your concerns. 

If you worry that raising your concerns may get someone ‘into trouble,’ rest assured that we will offer our help in a supportive and non-judgemental way.

Things to look out for

  • Has the student harmed themselves or others, or have they talked about this?
  • Are they making sense, or is  their thinking chaotic and disordered?
  • Are they looking after themselves, eating, sleeping, washing?
  • Are they exhibiting out-of-character or unusual behaviour?
  • Are they engaging in risky behaviour?
  • Are they isolated and difficult to reach?
  • Do they have a limited support network and no one else is  helping them cope?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above it is likely that additional help is needed.

Is there immediate danger?

If so, call 999 (or 3333 on campus). If you are off campus call 999 or take the student to A&E. If not and the student lives in University housing Campus and Residential Support should be contacted.

Providing reassurance

When a student is referred to us we will offer them our help and encourage them to come to see us. We can then talk to them in general terms, scoping the full nature of their difficulties, and recommend they take advantage of other support services where appropriate – and we’ll follow-up to make sure things are improving.

Remember: supporting others and witnessing distress can be distressing for you too.  We are here for all students so do come to us yourself for help managing any difficult or upsetting experiences. 

How to alert us to your concerns

If you are aware of someone who may benefit from our support you can involve us in a variety of ways:

Encourage them to reach out to us while you are with them.

Email us to let us know your concerns and we will contact the student and offer them an appointment or other assistance.

Alternatively you can simply give our contact details to the student and suggest they get in touch with us themselves.

It is really important that we work together to pick up concerns as soon as they emerge to prevent problems escalating. 

The Student Life Centre is an accessible, flexible and inclusive service to support any student through difficult times.

What we offer (Covid update)

  • Email advice - For information and queries
  • Telephone and Zoom appointments (on request)
  • Funding Advice  - Emergency loans, hardship advice and budgeting help

 Email us at