Research and knowledge exchange

Publications and Open Access

The University wishes to encourage the widest possible dissemination and potential use of its research.

Sussex Research Online

One way of achieving the widest disemination is by making the outputs of research, typically publications, available publicly online using the University’s repository Sussex Research Online. (where the publisher’s copyright conditions allow).  Researchers are required to lodge details of their research publications in to SRO, and to upload the full text where possible.

For questions and support about SRO please contact:

Open Access

Open Access means providing unrestricted access to peer-reviewed research outputs, such that it can be read by anyone in the world with an internet connection. As a result, the potential audience for Open Access articles is far wider than one where the full-text is restricted to subscribers.

Open Access also offers major social and economic benefits, conforming with the Government’s commitment to transparency of data and making ethical use of the general tax paying public’s money.

Most funders now require any publications they have funded as part of a Research Award to be made Open Access.