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Sussex Impact and Research Awards 2017

Building on the success of previous years, the Sussex Impact and Research Awards 2017 recognises and rewards established and early-career researchers for their outstanding impact achievements.

The awards were announced at a celebratory reception in the Attenborough Centre for Creative Arts by the Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) along with two award judges. 

Each winning entry received a certificate and £1,000 paid into a personal research support account to use in support of their research and impact work.

To view all of the 2017 entries, look at the Sussex Impact and Research Awards brochure 2017 [PDF 817.47KB].

The winning entries are detailed below.

Impact Awards

The Sussex Impact Awards 2017 recognised the effects and benefits of Sussex research beyond the academy between January 2014 and May 2017.

Awards were made in each of three categories of impact (culture and creativity; policy and practice; and public engagement).

Culture and Creativity

Sussex research changes the ways people interact with their environment and how humans understand and shape their own lives – individually, historically, and in society today. Across the University, this research generates a range of cultural and creative impact.

Dr Hope Wolf (English) for ‘Sussex Modernism’


Sussex Impact Day 2017 - Dr Hope WolfDr Hope Wolf accepting her award.

Principle Applicant: Dr Hope Wolf (English)

In 2017 Hope curated a London exhibition on Sussex Modernism – the work of modernist artists and writers in rural and coastal Sussex – that newly combined collections from regional museums and galleries and, supported by an events and education programme, attracted over 52,000 visitors.     Highlighting Sussex’s rich cultural history, Sussex Modernism questions assumptions about the geographies of artistic experiment.

Read an interview with Dr Hope Wolf for more information.



Policy and Practice

Sussex has a long history of engaging in research that has the potential to transform public services as well as to enhance the lives of citizens, through both national and international policy improvement. This award celebrates the diversity of research undertaken at Sussex that influences government policy, business and innovation, social care, conservation and climate policy, and public health.

Dr Fabio Petito - (School of Global Studies), for ‘Freedom of religion and effective foreign policy’

Co-Applicants: Medeni Fordham (Global Studies) and Claire Copeland (SPRU)

Fabio works on the issue of ‘Freedom of Religion or Belief’ (FoRB) as a crucial element of international policy. His research has influenced the development of an Italian model of religious engagement in foreign policy and contributed to UK government and parliamentary discussions on the topic. Fabio was also invited to address the House of Lords and has been invited to become partner of the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.

To read more about FoRB, visit the equality and diversity webpage on it.


Public Engagement

This award recognises the many different ways in which Sussex is reaching out to the public directly, and working with different organisations, groups and communities to ensure that our research is helping to tackle the challenges they face.

Professor Dave Goulson (School of Life Sciences), for ‘Raising awareness of bee declines and how we can all help to reverse them’

Dave Goulsen Bee clubDave Goulsen teaching about bees.

Principal Applicant: Professor Dave Goulsen (School of Life Sciences)

Dave’s research informs his tireless efforts to aid in the conservation of, in particular, bumblebees. He has appeared on the radio, television as well as in print to raise awareness of the dramatic decline in bumblebee populations in recent years – and he also works with politicians, schools, hobbyists and others to protect pollinators around the world.

For details of research and publications, go to: Goulson Lab

Professor L. Alan Winters (School of Business, Management and Economics) for ‘UKTPO Influencing the debate on Brexit’

L Alan Winters Sussex Impact Day 2017Professor L. Alan Winters and members of the UKTPO accepting their award.

Principal Applicant: Professor L. Alan Winters (School of Business, Management and Economics).

Co-Applicants: The entry was written on behalf of the UKTPO with a focus on Sussex young researchers.

Alan and the UKTPO members have established themselves as a leading research group contributing to the Brexit debate. Members have engaged with ministers, MPs, Lords, city firms, law firms, trade unions and business associations. Many of the initial UKTPO recommendations have become policy – and it is highly likely that engagement by the Sussex researchers contributed to this.


Emerging Researcher Award

This award recognises research of the highest calibre from individuals in the early stages of their career. One award was presented to a researcher who distinguished themselves by their exceptinal contributions to their research field as a whole.

Emerging Research Award

Dr Zhengguo Sheng (School of Engineering and Informatics) for ‘Doing more with less wiring: enabling green communications for the next generation of vehicles’

Dr Zhengguo Sheng Sussex Impact Day 2017Dr Zhengguo Sheng accepts his award.

Principle Applicant: Dr Zhengguo Sheng (School of Engineering and Informatics).

Zhengguo’s research investigates the integration of modern communication technology into vehicles to reduce cost and increase reliability, specifically by reduction in dedicated wiring (which power electronic components, support data communication and satisfy increasing demand in intelligent mobility). The project has resulted in several major publications, and has received several awards in the UK and Canada.


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