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Sussex Impact Awards 2018

Building on the success of the previous awards rounds, the Sussex Impact Awards 2018 rewarded Sussex researchers for their impact.

This year's awards were announced by Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research, Prof Michael Davies, following the 2018 Sussex Impact Day on Tuesday 19th June at a celebratory reception in the Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (ACCA). 

Read about the 2018 Awards winners.

Each winning entry received a certificate and £1,000 paid into a personal research support account to use in support of their research and impact work.

The winning entries are detailed below.

Sussex Impact Awards

The Sussex Impact Awards 2018 recognised the benefits and effects of research beyond the academy between August 2013 and May 2018.

Awards were made across four fields (Culture and creativity, Commerce and economy, Policy and practice, Public engagement). 

Dr Linda Morrice (Education and Social Work) for 'Language as the key to successful refugee resettlement'

Principal Applicant: Dr Linda Morrice, Senior Lecturer in Education (Education and Social Work)

Co-Applicants: Dr Linda Tip, University of Brighton; Prof Mike Collyer, University of Sussex (Geography); Prof Rupert Brown (Psychology)

“You can’t have a good integration when you don’t have a good communication”

Dr Morrice and colleagues’ research on the role language plays in refugee integration has underpinned local and national developments in the UK. Brighton and Hove Council has followed advice in how it now provides language support for refugees; the research also directly affects the impending changes to the UK Government’s Indicators of Integration – the official measure used to inform national policy.

Dr Kun Liang (Engineering & Informatics) for 'Linear compressor technology for next generation domestic refrigerator, space cryocooler and electronics cooling'

Principal Applicant: Dr Kun Liang, Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering (Engineering & Informatics)

Next generation innovative cooling system using oil-free highly-efficient linear compressor technology which is small in size and low in cost.

An innovative cooling system using oil-free linear compressor technology which is highly efficient, small in size and low in cost developed by Dr Kun Liang, could potentially lead to industry-changing developments in the fridge freezer industry and in the cryogenics sector beyond. Given that 17% of the economy uses some form of cryogenics and increasing growth of domestic refrigerators, the Sussex developed technologies could have a potential market impact of £20 billion in 10 years’ time with mass production.

Dr David Ockwell (Global Studies) for 'Re-framing global climate technology policy'

Principal Applicant: Dr David Ockwell, Reader in Geography (Global Studies)

Co-Applicants: Dr Rob Byrne, and Anne-Marie Verbeken (doctoral researcher), both at the School of Business, Management and Economics

The Green Climate Fund (financial instrument of global climate policy) has adopted a new policy, developed by us based on Sussex research, which will transform the way in which climate technology transfer to developing countries is funded, significantly increasing long term benefits to poor countries and their citizens.

Dr David Ockwell, Dr Rob Byrne and Anne-Marie Verbeken have significantly influenced the financial mechanisms of global climate policies. The demonstrated efficacy of the Climate Relevant Innovation-system Builders approach, focusing on local context and empowerment, convinced the Green Climate Fund to adopt this new method. This approach now forms a key way in which climate technology transfer will be funded globally.

Dr Suraj Lakhani (Law, Politics and Sociology) for 'Disrupting online extremism'

Principal Applicant: Dr Suraj Lakhani, Lecturer in Criminology & Sociology (School of Law, Politics and Sociology)

Impacting policy and industry operational approaches to counter online extremism and radicalisation.

Dr Lakhani’s research with colleagues at the University of Sussex and Dublin City University is informing political and commercial approaches to jihadist social media. The Home Office has funded two projects, and commented that “the work… had a huge impact, both with our direct policy customers and with a much wider audience.” The research team have been invited to disseminate findings to international security agencies and social media organisations.

Impact Case Study 2018 Awards

The Impact Case Study 2018 Awards recognised the most advanced Research Excellence Framework case studies submitted to the 2017 Sussex Impact Assessment panels.

Professor Gordon Harold (Psychology) for 'Shiting the docus of UK government policy to improve mental health outcomes for children and adolescents'

Principal Applicant: Prof Gordon Harold, Andrew and Virginia Rudd Chair in Psychology (School of Psychology)

Professor Gordon Harold directly influenced the UK Government’s commissioned overhaul of support services provided to families, with a specific focus on supporting new intervention programmes targeting the provision of family relationship support. This support aims to improve child and adolescent mental health outcomes. This research-led initiative is profiled in detail in the recent UK Government/Department for Work and Pensions policy document Improving Lives: Helping Workless Families.

Dr Natalia Beloff (Engineering & Informatics) for 'Promotion of UK participation in randomised clinical trials by releasing the hidden potential of electronic health records'

Principal Applicant: Dr Natalia Beloff, Senior Lecturer in Software Engineering (School of Engineering and Informatics)

Dr Beloff and the University of Sussex’s Informatics Department is helping to increase clinical trial participation. This is being achieved through the deployment of the novel TrialViz system, based on a Big Data search algorithm which has been applied to the world’s largest Primary Care Electronic Health Records Database, CPRD Gold. This algorithm is now used in the Randomised Clinical Trials recruitment system by IQVIA, one of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical services provider.

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