Research and knowledge exchange

Applying for Research Sponsorship

The Pre-Sponsorship Review Panel receives all new applications for research sponsorship. A link to a list of meeting dates and submission deadlines can be accessed below*.

Applicants with no prior experience of applying for sponsorship are strongly advised to engage with the Research Governance Officer at least two week before the stated deadline to receive support with their submission.

** Pre-Sponsorship Review Panel (PSRP) meeting dates and application guidance **

What is the PSRP?  FAQs about the PSRP (November 2020)

The PSRP is a joint venture by the University of Sussex, University of Brighton, Brighton and Sussex Universities Hospitals NHS Trust (BSUHT) and Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (SPFT).

 The PSRP is made up of academics, clinical researchers, quantitative and qualitative researchers, research governance representatives, disease area and specialist experts, research nurses, patient and public involvement members, statisticians and trial and data Managers.

The Panel uses its wide expertise to review studies and make sponsorship recommendations to each of its four partners.

A study that meets required standards will be recommended to the Sponsorship Sub-Committee.

 Applicants should consult the PSRP Document Submission Checklist before starting their application to ensure the appropriate documentation is submitted for Sponsorship review. 

Should you wish to receive sponsorship for a study, please ensure that you understand how both the PSRP and the Sponsorship Sub-Committee Operate *