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PGR and Staff Research Covid 19 Guidance

Important - Before submitting a new ethics application or amending a previously approved study please read  the webpages published by the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team and in particular the section entitled Travel on University business & off-site working’. This section contains key information relating to the restrictions for field work for staff and students.

Any new ethics application or amendment requires you to have considered this information before submission.


Submitting amendments on Sussex Direct

 The process for submitting an amendment via  the ethical review system on Sussex Direct is as follows:

  • open the original approved application, and click on “copy”
  • change the title to "AMENDMENT TO ER/... [insert title]"
  • ensure that the project description clearly outlines the proposed changes (you can delete the rest of the project description)
  • ensure that all new or amended materials are attached as PDF files
  • update start and end dates. 
  • submit for review and approval as required by researcher status

Where research is funded externally by grants (or similar) the researcher has a responsibility to ensure that they are aware of the financial implications of suspending or modifying the plan of research and its deliverables that were previously agreed. Research & Enterprise Services has published a webpage with information for information for research grant applicants and grant holders. Research Finance Officers can also advise on processes to follow.

Travel, Field Trips and Off Campus Research

Staff and PGR researchers that meet specific requirements for conducting overseas travel and off-site activities may do so in the context of abiding by any local guidance or controls.

Details of conditions for undertaking fieldwork can be found on

The page is maintained by the Health & Safety Committee and reviewed every two weeks.

Close attention will also need to be made to the insurance implications of travel ( that the University will need to consider as part of any approval.