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Funders Electronic Submission Systems

Many funders now operate electronic systems (e-Systems) for the submission of applications (and in some cases, for award management). These will require applicants (PI’s and/or lead organisations, if the proposal is collaborative), to have a registered account on their e-System, and for the institution where the applicant is based to verify and submit the proposal. In applying for funding, you should therefore familiarise yourself with the funder’s submission system and ensure that you (and the University) is setup to use it. If you and/or the University is not yet registered, please ensure you do not leave this too close to the submission deadline as this can take some time to setup.

A list of major research funders with links to their e-System is set out below:

UK Research Councils


You will only be able to create and submit grant applications in Funding Service (UKRI Funding Service) if you have a registered account. If you are not a registered user, create (and request) an account.

British Academy

Applications to the British Academy are managed through their eGAP system. If you are not a registered user, register for an account.

Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Applications to Cancer Research UK are managed through their eGMS system. To login or register for a login, go to the eGMS system logon page.

For information about eGMS and their application procedures go to How to Apply.

Leverhulme Trust

Applications to the Leverhulme Trust are managed through their electronic grant application system. To login or register for a login, go to their Grant Application System.

EU Horizon 2020

All Horizon 2020 Open Calls are displayed in the ‘Funding Opportunities’ section of the EU Participant Portal website. Proposals are submitted electronically via the Participant Portal. The submission service can be accessed via the call / topic you are applying to.

To log in to the Participant Portal and submit a proposal to Horizon 2020, you need to have an European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS) account. To create an ECAS account register with their authentication service. Fill in the required fields and click ‘Sign up’. An email will be sent to the email address you have registered to confirm your registration.

Royal Society

Applications to the Royal Society are managed through their Flexi-Grant system. To log in or register for an account, go to Flexi-Grant's login page.

Wellcome Trust

Applications to the Wellcome Trust are managed through their Grant Management system. To login or register for a login, go to the Grant Management's login page.

Additionally, help and guidance is available from your Research Development Manager.