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Procedural documents

Research Proposals and Bids for £5,000 or less

For bids of this type (e.g. conference/travel grants), there is a streamlined process which is described in this explanatory note for low value bids [PDF 17.83KB] 

Research Proposals and Bids above £5,000

Costing your research proposal/bid

Important Reminder:

Under current requirements, all proposals including outline applications and expressions of interest, should be provided in complete form at least ten working days before the funder's submission deadline. This is to allow adequate time for review and completion, and for appropriate authorisations by the School(s) and Research & Enterprise Services prior to submission.

The University Senate has agreed a policy on internal review of proposals, in order to ensure all are of a suitable quality before they are submitted. Each School has flexibility in how it implements the policy. In the context of reducing success rates, it is important that we use every opportunity to increase the chances of success.

If your application has not had full approval, the University cannot guarantee to support a full application or award that stems from an unauthorised submission as there may be severe cost and contractual implications. Please see below for a list of authorised signatories.

Authorised Signatories for Research and Enterprise activities

1. Internal authorisations in the School:

2. People who can sign as the University's representative:

This is delegated by Council to specific staff in Research and Enterprise Services (dependent on the nature of the contract)

Staff and Student Forms

  • Studentship Form [DOC 43.50KB] [PDF 23.87KB]  (access restricted on-campus). Please print (on pink paper if at all possible); complete and return to the appropriate Finance Assistant in Post-Award Administration (Research and Enterprise Services).
  • Fill or extend a post funded through Research and Enterprise Services (A3):  Word
  • Advertisement request form for posts funded through Research and Enterprise Services only (A3A): Word