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An introduction to Python


This session presents resources from LinkedInlearning, a platform that Sussex students and staff now have access to. If you have no previous coding experience, we recommend you start with Programming Foundations: Fundamentals.

Beneath this video you will see three links and a list of further resources. We'd suggest that you work through the first three links in order.

The first link, will take you through to the ITS page that gives you an introduction to Linkedinlearning, and shows you how to access your Linkedinlearning account. You do not have to connect your Linkedinlearning account with your personal Linkedin profile, although the ITS page does explain benefits of doing this.

The second link will take you to a short collection of Linkedinlearning videos that introduce you to Python and explain how to install and setup Python and Visual studio code editor

The third link will take you to another short collection of Linkedinlearning videos which will introduced the basic concepts of using Python and creating your first programme.

Once you’ve completed the first part of this course, you access the Full Course: Learning Python in further resources and more materials for beginners, intermediate and advanced users from LinkedIn Learning: Python Courses.

Including the introductory video at the top of the page and the ITS introduction to LIL, there are fifteen videos in total.
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