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Consequences of academic misconduct

What happens if you are suspected of academic misconduct

If your tutor thinks you have plagiarised, they will refer it to an Investigating Officer who will determine whether there is a case to be answered or not. If it is your first offence of plagiarism you will be referred to an Academic Practice Workshop, rather than being questioned by your Head of School (for a minor case) or being brought in front of a Misconduct Panel (for a major case).

Penalties are designed to reflect the extent and depth of your misconduct so you must expect some effect on your marks and degree classification.

What happens at the Academic Practice Workshop?

The workshop will help you to improve your academic practice skills (e.g. referencing) so that you understand how to avoid plagiarism. For more information about workshops, see the Academic practice workshops page on the SCLS website.

What to do if you have been accused of misconduct

For all cases of academic misconduct at Sussex, the Students' Union offers a free advice and representation service. You should get in touch as soon as possible if you have reason to believe you have been accused of academic misconduct.

Advice and representation provided by the Education Officer is independent from the University, and is offered in strictest confidence. Contact the Students' Union Education Officer on:




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