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Time management

Managing your time at university is a very important skill and one that many students struggle with. As a university student, lots of your learning will be through independent studying outside of your teaching session, and this will require you to manage your own study time effectively. This section of the website includes:


Asking for help

If you feel that you are struggling to manage your time at university, don't keep it to yourself. There is lots of study-related help and support at Sussex from approachable and understanding people, as soon as you ask for it. Visit People to talk to

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Late submission of work

You are expected to meet your deadlines and hand in your work on time at university. If you submit work late you will lose marks and if it is very late you may get no mark at all. In cases of exceptional impairment (e.g. acute severe illness or incapacity) you may want to submit mitigating evidence and appeal the late penalty. To find out more about late submission and mitigating evidence read your student handbook and the Examination and Assessment Handbook.

The text resources in this section of the website have been adapted from materials originally produced by LearnHigher CETL and are therefore licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. This licence does not extend to the videos of Sussex students and staff.

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