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Communication at Sussex

There are various methods of communication at Sussex and it will be your responsibility to become acquainted with them and regularly check for and respond to communications sent to you by the University. The most common methods are:

University Email

You will be provided with a University email address which academic and other university staff will probably use to contact you. Email is now the main mode of communication within the University, including some formal and urgent communications. This is based on the expectation that you will be checking your university email regularly, so you need to do this and attend the induction ICT training that you will be offered.

Sussex Direct

This is the web-portal that gives you online access to the information and facilities you need to support your academic and administrative interactions with the University. Sussex Direct will give you personal and secure access to information about your course, reading lists, timetables, marks and final degree result. You will also use your Sussex Direct login to access your email account. You will be given your Sussex Direct login when you register, which many of you will do online before you arrive at Sussex.

Study Direct

Study Direct is a learning management system used at Sussex to support teaching and learning. If you are studying a module which has an online Study Direct site, you will access it via Sussex Direct and the format, content and learning tools in your site will be subject-specific. Most of the time tutors will use Study Direct to communicate module resources such as lecture notes, handouts and reading. It may also be used to provide online assessments and other activities that you can engage with. Most sites will have a forum where you will be able to put queries to your tutors and contribute to topic-related discussions.


Pigeon Holes

These are located in your school and are where any paper based communications are left (for some students marked work may be left in your pigeon holes for you to collect) . They are in alphabetical order and will be shared with other students. It is important to check these weekly.

Notice Boards

Usage will vary between schools but generally academic staff will use these to post messages, result lists etc. Make sure you check the board regularly.


There are many opportunities for you to receive face-to-face support and advice about your studies. These will vary between subjects and you should find out what is available to you. You may also find our People to talk to pages helpful to visit.

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