School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

REF 2021 planning and progress

Updates on REF 2021

Initial Decisions on REF 2021 from HEFCE (REF 2017/01 document)

Summary of main points of the above document (REF2017/01) by Prof Peter Thomas ( pdf ).

Read the 'Decisions on staff and outputs'  (REF 2017/04 document)

Summary of main points of the above document (REF 2017/04) by Prof Peter Thomas ( pdf ).

View information on the REF 2021 "Town Hall" meetings.

REF2021 Briefing - November 2017 - from PVC MIchael Davies

Draft Guidance on Submissions (REF 2018/01 document).

Consultation on the panel criteria and working methods (REF 2018/02 document).


When you have a new output accepted or published it must be uploaded to SRO within 3 months of acceptance (see the University's implementation of the HEFCE policy on OA here). 

The School prefers that you forward the details to the School office.  Office staff will upload the publication to SRO for you.  This helps the School to keep track of all Outputs.

[UPDATE: See REF 2017/04 document above.  For REF compliance the publications must be deposited as soon as possible and at least within 3 months of Acceptance.   A formal 'exception' is allowed however - the publication must be deposited within 3 months of the earliest publication date.]