School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Department of Mathematics, Mathematics Research Committee

Membership List. Last update: 02 October 2018


Prof Enrico Scalas
(REF Outputs Lead & Coordinator for Probability & Statistics group)

Deputy Chair

Dr Masoumeh Dashti
(REF Environment Lead)


Dr Miro Chlebik
(Coordinator for Analysis & PDE group)

Prof Istvan Kiss
(REF Impact Lead)

Dr Yuliya Kyrychko
(Coordinator for Mathematical Biology group)

Prof Michael Melgaard
(Head of Department and Coordinator for Mathematical Physics group)

Prof Vanessa Styles
(Coordinator for Numerical Analysis group)

Dr Vladislav Vysotskiy
(Sub-Director of Doctoral Studies)

Invited participants (without voting rights)

Dr Max Jensen
(Outreach Coordinator)

Prof Seb Oliver
(Director of Research & Knowledge Exchange)

Dr Chandrasekhar Venkataraman
(IT Coordinator)

Secretary / Support

Mr Richard Chambers
(MPS Research & Enterprise Coordinator)


E: mathsrc [at]

This email will reach the above, plus all full Professors in the Department.

E: mpsresearchsupport [at] (Research & Enterprise Coordinator)

MRC Terms of Reference (updated October 2018)