Department of Mathematics

Student reps

Foundation year 2023/24

A picture of Claudia

Claudia Chen

Year 1 2023/24

Madiha ChakladerA picture of Madiha

Year 2 2023/24

Charli DickensonA picture of Charli

Year 3 2023/24

Holly NealA picture of Holly

Yani RenkerA picture of Yani

Year 4 2023/24

Luke WentworthA picture of Luke

PG Taught 2022/23

MSc Mathematics/Financial Maths


Data Science:A picture of Gurubux Singh Gill

Gurubux Singh Gill 


PG Research 2023/24

A picture of Jenny
Jenny Ward 

All Cohorts 2023/24

MSSC Co-Chairs:A picture of Holly
Holly Neal & Charli DickensonA picture of Charli

International StudentsA picture of Madiah
Madiha Chaklader

LGBT+: A picture of Calisto
Calisto Davies

NeurodivergentA picture of Ciaran
Ciaran Robinson-Greerson

Vee Hannaford-Cooper

Physics student reps

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