Courier Shipments

Use the links in the left hand menu to find details of how to book a shipment by BBA (UK only, but does take dry ice parcels), DHL (also can do directly online now), Federal Express (FEDEX) and United Parcel Services online (UPS). Also, the instructions can be found in each of the courier files in the Admin Office.

If you take one of the files you should write your name on the whiteboard in the Admin Office in order for everyone to see who currently is using one of the courier services to book their shipment.

Always raise a purchase order first before doing anything else! Do not worry about the cost, just insert an amount from £10 - £100 and always remember to write the Courier's Airway Bill number on the purchase order. When the invoice is received Life Sciences Stores can then cross-match the two. If there are any discrepancies these can then easily be resolved - without doing this the job is made far more difficult!

Any problems sending a shipment refer to the admin team who will assist you.