Careers and Employability Centre

Our equality and diversity statement

The Careers and Employability Centre recognises the diversity of Sussex students and graduates and is committed to addressing their individual needs regardless of race, religion, gender, disability, marital status, social class, age or sexual preference.

Our commitment

  • to promote equality of access and treatment within education, employment, training and guidance
  • to challenge all forms of unlawful discrimination
  • to encourage all Sussex students to utilise and develop their talents and skills to the full

Our staff

  • will comply with Equal Opportunities legislation - see below
  • will promote equality of opportunity where appropriate
  • will support both non-traditional and traditional careers
  • may refuse to distribute materials which do not conform to the spirit of this statement


The Head of the Careers, Employability and Entrepreneurship will:

  • ensure that policies and procedures within the office are up to date and monitored on a regular basis and that appropriate training needs are met
  • ensure our staff deliver and promote the Equality and Diversity Statement


If you feel you have been discriminated against or you wish to make a complaint, your first step is to contact Emily Huns, Heads of the Careers and Employability Centre: