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Students' Union

Help your peers have a great experience at university by working or volunteering with the Students' Union

Roles available

The Students' Union advertises a wide range of paid roles, including jobs in:

  • Union Shop, Co-op and bars on campus (recruitment opens in the summer)
  • Administration
  • Marketing and digital content
  • Sports

The Students' Union has its own jobs page and you can sign-up to receive an email alert with the latest jobs.

Check current Students' Union vacancies - or see expired vacancies.

Recruitment for the shops and bars on campus is generally held over the summer. Other roles open throughout the year, with many opening at the start of the academic year.

Other opportunities

The Students' Union also recruits for voluntary roles, including:

Skills you can gain

The diverse roles at the Students' Union mean you will learn how to:

  • communicate with people on all levels
  • provide excellent customer service
  • contribute as a member of a team
  • market effectively to your peers and external clients
  • organise and manage sucessful events for your peers
  • manage your time and work
  • work with children and young people
  • provide information and support to your peers

Placements and graduate opportunities

The Students' Union advertises one year placements and graduate internships as well as part-time roles. See their jobs page for full details.

Latest campus jobs