Careers and Entrepreneurship

Telephone research and fundraising

Develop your customer service skills by collecting information or helping to raise money for the Sussex Fund

Roles available

There are a few roles in relation to calling Sussex alumni. Applications are open at various points throughout the year.

Destinations survey caller

Involves calling recent Sussex graduates to find out what they have been up to since graduation. Recruitment is usually the spring or summer.

Check current vacancies for destination survey callers - or see expired vacancies

Phonathon caller

Helping to raise funds for the Sussex fund by calling Sussex alumni. Recruitment is usually twice a year: September/October and December/January  

Check current vacancies for phoneathon callers - or see expired vacancies

Skills you can gain

You will learn how to:

  • providing excellent customer service
  • develop your confidence in speaking to a wide range of people
  • collect accurate data and market research information
  • use specialist data collection software or databases
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